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• Chevy, Ford and Dodge diesel motors

• 1 ton and smaller

• Turbo diesel systems

Your diesel repairs will be done with expert execution and at a fair rate. We can work quickly and efficiently so you won't miss out on too much time from work.

Diesel engines and work truck repairs from the experts

While your diesel truck might share a lot of common components with a regular gas truck or car, there are some big differences when it comes to repairing the engine, and for a light duty work truck there are some beefier systems that can take a little extra elbow grease.


With diesel engines becoming more popular in cars because of their fuel efficiency, it is important to find a reliable shop that has experience working on diesel motor systems. You can trust our reputation as a shop that is fair and honest and knows their stuff to work on any diesel system.

Why should I trust you?

Work truck experience:

Working on a heavy duty diesel means working on more than the motor. It means we know the fuel system inside and out - that we have the ability to work on transmissions - and it means we are willing to work on 4-wheel drive systems.

Diesel fuel systems and 4 - wheel drive

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