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When you trust us with your transmission repairs, you are doing so because you know we have the years of experience to take on any transmission repair and get it right.

• Clutch replacements

• Any manual transmission repair

• Linkage adjustments

• Any automatic transmission repair

Making sense of transmission repairs

When your car has a transmission that likes to slip or shift too hard, it creates extra wear and tear on your motor, suspension, and car in general. Worse than that, the cause is rarely simple and can be very difficult to diagnose correctly.


Thankfully, our technicians have been around the block and know how to test your transmission to figure out what is wrong the first time. Whether you need a small linkage adjustment or a more complex valve body replacement, you can put your trust in their certified skills to do it quickly, saving you time and money.

Certified transmission repairs

Experience that matters

It almost seems like a lost art- the ability to work on a manual transmission. While not as common as they once were, today's manual transmissions are growing more complicated with electronics and we have the experience to deal with them.

Manual transmission repairs and clutch replacement

Transmission repairs:

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